Kep Cromo Textiel Rosegold Frame

Kep Cromo Textiel Rosegold Frame

Kep Cromo Textiel Rosegold Frame,

 buitenmantel: ondoorzichtig gecoat polycarbonaat 
• raamafwerking: roosgouden verchroomd
• binnenbescherming: dubbele dichtheid polystyreen voor grotere veiligheid 
• visor: ondoorzichtige coating, flexibel
• band: 5 aansluitpunten in water afweermiddel leer 
• gewicht: 450 gram 
• maten: 51/52/53/54/55/56/57/58 
• binnenste doosje : in Coolmax, afneembaar en afwasbaar bij 30 graden 
• Kep Air Control System: perfecte ventilatie verzekerd door de kanalen gesneden in het polystyreen

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Every model of helmet made by KEP Italia is developed based on the capacity to offer maximum safety, optimize rider performance and on the selection of materials that guarantee perfect hold and maximum comfort.
Moreover, every single KEP Italia product is also designed to be the perfect ambassador for the excellence that distinguishes the ‘Made in Italy’ label, in which the company is a firm believer. KEP Italia designs and manufactures its products in Italy, combining all the Italian experience in terms of design, elegance and style. Often, it is style that first strikes and wins over a customer: falling in love with a KEP Italia helmet is easy; the inevitable consequence is finding it irreplaceable. But to win over an increasing number of admirers, the best in traditional Italian craftsmanship isn’t enough: you also need the support of great creativity and understanding of the ever-evolving market demands.
And from this awareness arises the need to offer innovative product finishes, to continue to research in the latest generation of technical materials, such as stainless steel (DDQ), aluminium, carbon fibre, Kevlar, polycarbonate and hypoallergenic and antistatic Dupon technological fabrics, and to use increasingly innovative production processes capable of creating both laser-perforated steel and super-lightweight honeycomb and aluminium structures.




Certification is the only parameter that can guarantee the true protective capacity of a riding helmet because it involves the testing, verification and proof that the helmets comply with unequivocal and certain safety regulations and standards.
KEP Italia is fully dedicated to the subject of safety: before each product enters into production, it is subjected to various tests to verify the durability of all of its components and is approved and marketed only once it has successfully passed every one. And it is not enough to pass the tests just once: the certifying bodies regularly visit the company to verify compliance with standard of quality over time for all production lots, whilst the in-house safety department carries out continuous quality controls in order that every single model reaches the market in perfect condition.
Each country has its technicians and commissioners who hold regular in-depth discussions within the European Technical Committee on safety and to establish the standards with which the helmets sold in each country must comply. The certification requirements vary from one country to another, but they are all usually reviewed every 5 years in order to remain in line with continued technical improvements, as well as with any new international safety regulations that may be issued.
Click here to see the KEP Italia helmet certifications.



It is essential to secure the chin strap of a helmet on all occasions. The chin strap must not be loose; instead, it must be snug under the chin to that the helmet cannot come away from the head in the case of a fall. Wearing a helmet with a loose chin strap is equivalent to not wearing one at all.
The KEP Italia helmet chin straps have five points of attachment to the shell to guarantee minimum deviation of position on the head.



Most of the KEP Italia models are fitted with a standard visor, whilst some have visors specific for use: the polo visor is wider for increased protection from sun and rain, suitable for all disciplines, whilst the cross-country visor is shorter. Whilst placing an order, each helmet can be requested with any one of the three visors available, or even without visor, as is requested, for example, by British Eventing for the cross-country stages of the full competition or for the flat racing.



KEP Italia helmets are designed to offer the male or female rider unrivalled comfort in terms of air circulation.
From the very first design stages, the need to create a helmet capable of providing a truly comfortable internal microclimate has always been of maximum consideration. This is the reason why all CROMO helmets are made up of three distinct parts – the shell, the front insert and the rear insert: these are not, therefore, just style features that allow a variety and infinite combinations of detail and materials, but are actually elements of real technical quality of the helmet. In the front and rear parts, the shell includes air passages (inflow at the front and outflow at the rear) that are not blocked by the inserts that are fitted to the shell, thanks to the lateral micro slits that allow the air to circulate in a single, precise direction of flow: fresh air comes in from the front slits and keeps the head cool, whilst the warm air created by body heat flows out from the rear of the helmet. This perfect and uniform air circulation keeps the head permanently cool and dry.
The front insert is also fitted with a grill with a central lever that is moved up and down to regulate air circulation. And to guarantee maximum safety, this grill has a steel mesh underneath that offers secondary protection from penetration by external objects.



Good care and regular cleaning extends the life of a helmet.

Cleaning: KEP Italia helmets are supplied with a KEP CLEANcloth, which is recommended for cleaning the helmet. For daily cleaning, use a damp KEP CLEAN (or any other soft, clean cloth) and leave the helmet to dry naturally at room temperature. The internal lining, made up of one fully detachable element, can be cold washed by hand or in the washing machine. Avoid the use of all chemical detergents or solvents, especially for the shell of the helmet.
Helmets with python skin overlay: this luxury material is extraordinarily stylish and beautiful. All the skins selected by KEP Italia are given a non-aggressive waterproofing treatment that ensures the python skin maintains its elasticity, softness, naturalness and beauty over time. For this reason, this type of natural material may alter over time, especially in colour; proof of the naturalness and authenticity of the materials used. It is important that helmets with python skin overlay avoid lengthy exposure to the sun (the skin may dry out and fade in colour); keep them away from radiators and other heat sources; avoid contact with liquids because some will be absorbed (animal skin is a natural material, after all); protect the helmet from the rain; do not use any detergents to clean the helmet; take particular care not to damage the python skin overlay because it cannot be restored. In the event that the overlay gets wet, leave the helmet to dry naturally at room temperature; never use hair dryers or other artificial heat sources. The wet python skin will appear darker in colour, but will maintain its original pattern. If the overlay gets dirty, clean it with a soft and slightly damp (water only) cloth.
Helmets with natural leather overlay: all the considerations made for helmets with python skin overlay are also valid for helmets with natural leather overlay, though exposure to rain is less of a worry. In any case, after long periods without use, it is recommended to clean the surface with a woollen cloth to restore its original beauty. Light scratches can be removed using a leather wax in a neutral colour or in the same colour as the leather.
Maintenance: when not in use, it is best to store the helmet away from direct sunlight and from heat sources and it is recommended to replace it in its original packaging. One further, important piece of advice is to store the helmet in a position from which it is unlikely to fall, or even to store it at ground level; this prevents the helmet from taking any avoidable knocks that may damage the helmet and reduce its protective capacity.
Another note: it is best to avoid the application of stickers, glues, labels and varnishes; in the case of particularly stubborn dirt stains, it is recommended to use elbow grease, rubbing repeatedly with a soft cloth.

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    Kep Cromo Textiel Rosegold Frame
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